How to Start a Mini Private Oil Refinery (Petroleum Products)

All over the world, oil business is such that is taken really seriously. This is because of the huge profit that this natural resources rakes into the economies of the world. That is why even the world power countries like the united states of America would do all it takes to be in control of the world’s oil wealth.

Countries like the united Arabs emirates, as well as other countries are neck deep in the production and distribution of oil. However, that is not to say that oil business is strictly for nations, and big conglomerates. Truth is that you as an individual can also start your own oil refinery.

What really is mini oil refinery business all about, you may ask? A Mini-refinery has to do with automated, skid-mounted oil distillation units for processing about 6,000 barrels/day or more of crude petroleum. This trade is really gaining acceptance because they are cheaper and easier to mount and do not need the number of years required to build and install a conventional (large scale) refinery.

If you think this line of business might be something you would want to dabble into, or if you have always had a penchant for oil business, then you may also want to take seriously the tips to be reeled out in this article. Do note that starting this type of business does need huge funding. Here goes all the tips that can help you realize your dream of starting a mini oil refinery…

Starting a Mini Private Oil Refinery – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Research Is Needful

Even if you do not want to take seriously the need to undertake some research every now and then, but it is very important that you take seriously the quest to do some research as it regards starting a mini refinery.

This is because you stand to gain a whole lot when you start with reading up a lot. More so, you would be able to learn a great deal when you read about the experiences of other entrepreneurs who may have gone before you. Also you need to be conversant with some technicalities in the industry.

2. Have an Educational Background

This is very important in this field of trade, as you have to come to terms with some foundational truths. This is why it may be needful that you have a sound educational back ground in some science related courses that can help aid you in oil refineries. The following courses would do; they include geology and mining, petroleum engineering, petro-chemical engineering, and a host of other courses.

However, you must note that this doesn’t mean that you couldn’t possibly start a mini oil refinery without this. This only means that you may consider having someone who has a background in one of these areas instead to be on your team.

3. Write a Business Plan

Writing a business plan is very vital. This is because to a large extent, it would help you to know how to run your business now and for future purpose. Therefore, you may want to consider allowing an expert help you with this area.

This is because there may be some financial projections that you would need to deal with on a professional level. Be sure that there are short terms and long term goals in your plan too. You can consider getting a template of how a crude oil refinery business plan looks like from the internet.

4. Get Trained

 It isn’t enough that you just have background knowledge in oil refinery; it is very needful that you also get some hands- on trainings. This might not come easy as it may entail that you work in an oil refinery station. The question therefore is, what happens when you aren’t able to secure a job at an oil refinery station?

Then you want to try out another option; which is to volunteer to be a worker for no fee. If that doesn’t work out fine, then you can think of bringing in an expert to help you set things up. This might cost a lot, but you can be sure to get the best.

5. Get a Space

Starting a mini oil refinery necessitates the use of a limited   land space than what the regular large scale refineries require. You can look to locating your mini refinery in the suburb of town.

You should also look out for the refinery to be mounted close to the crude supply source. Ideally experts advice that one unit of it may not entail more than 4 plots of land. Good news is also that they can be mounted in just a few days, since they come in prefabricated modules.

Furthermore they can as well be dismounted when there is a need for relocation. If you want something a bit bigger than four plots of land, then you can consider mounting several refining units within the same premises to meet diverse dispensation needs.

6. Get Experts to Do All the Equipping

You would need some very deep experts to help in the equipping of your mini refinery. Do note that this could cost quite a lot, but you can rest assured that it wouldn’t cost as much as what you may need to start the regular large refineries. You may decide to use a different expert, or use the same person whom you trained with to pull things off, since you may not be too versed in this regard.

7. Advertise Your Business

You may begin to let words out to oil marketers, as well as owners of filling stations about your mini oil refinery. This is so important since your ability to make profit would be hinged on the amount of clients you are able to get.

Would these tips really help you in starting your mini oil refinery? Indeed the answer would be a resounding yes, as these are tips that have been used by experts who are enjoy the dividends of owning a mini oil refinery.