KURAF Engineering’s founder, after having served 25 years in Turkey’s most powerful and largest refinery «Tüpraş» in 2006 and served as consultant and manager in organizations related to oil and petroleum products. KURAF Mühendislik A.Ş name has been registered in 2017 after 30 years of experiences and start to put many projects into effect in nationwide and global markets. KURAF engineering, develops a special PLC,DCS,SCADA controlling software for automation systems and electrical units for plants, while presenting project and engineering services as well. KURAF Engineering continues to develop in the field of distillation and refining in Turkey and worldwide market. KURAF Engineering is a Turkish company, that has been serving fully-automated turn-key crude oil refinery and recycling plant projects including waste oil. KURAF Engineering planning the entire project, design, mounts, supervise, train, commission and hands the plant in. KURAF Engineering manufactures the equipment that constitutes the heart of the plant with expert teams,uses API and international standards during manufacturing, procurement and assembly operations. KURAF engineering establishes guaranteed refinery and waste mineral oil treatment systems. KURAF Engineering is a company that is capable of meeting all technical requirements from A to Z with its staff consisting of electrical, electronic, chemical, welding and mechanical engineers. It transforms its savings into an advantage by offering complex solutions to its customers under a single roof, and offers turnkey packages.

  • Mini & Modular Refinery Project and Installation
  • Waste Oil Treatment Systems Project and Installation
  • Piping, Maintenance and Installation Procedures
  • Process Testing and Commissioning Procedures
  • Process Deactivated and Maintenance Works
  • Consulting, Engineering, Brokerage, Export and Import

Some features of the units we install:

  • Continuous monitoring of process parameters
  • Process mode management for specified values maintenance
  • Registration of Emergency Shutdown System operation and its operational control
  • Continuous monitoring of ambient air within the unit
  • Continuous analysis of the process parameters deviation towards the critical values and possible accident prediction
  • Emergency Shutdown System and controls operation control
  • Emergency Detection Devices operation, selection and implementation of optimal control actions
  • Process facility accident-free start-up, shut-down and switch
  • Information on the facility security communication to the superior control system.